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Case Study: Integrated Irrigation Management for Surge Protection in Guizhou Zhenfeng County, China

Yiftah Enav
Yiftah Enav
25 Jul 2018
Last updated: 14 Jul 2022

The customer, Hainan Shuangyi, required a solution for delivering water from a reservoir on the Beipan River to an orchard irrigation reservoir on the top of a nearby mountain.

As water supply systems such as this one are prone to water hammer, a solution was needed to help protect the mainline from surge damage.

BERMAD Solution

BERMAD analyzed the customer’s pipeline data using professional software to provide an efficient integrated irrigation management solution that includes:

  • One 2.5” 835 surge anticipating valve – this valve opens before the surge when the pressure in the pipeline decreases to a low level. When the surge returns, the valve is already open so the surge can be released more efficiently.

  • Two 2” C70-SP combination air valves – these valves combine kinetic and automatic air valve functions. They work in kinetic mode during pipe filling and vacuum conditions; and in automatic mode when the pipeline is full.

  • C70 air valves – air valves were installed along the pipeline to increase the efficiency of the pump and protect the pipes from vacuum conditions.

The Results: Surge Protection and Efficient Water Delivery

Following installation and adjustments of all three valve types, the irrigation system is working smoothly. The surge protecting set keeps the system safe from water hammer to ensure reliable, efficient water delivery and long life expectancy of the system.


To read all the details about this integrated irrigation management project, download the illustrated case study here.

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Yiftah Enav

Written by Yiftah Enav

Realize BERMAD vision and strategy, regarding the development of the Irrigation segment, while carefully maintaining the core values of BERMAD. Yiftah works closely with the Regional and the subsidiary (RBC) Directors as the main factor that specializes in the Irrigation segment. Yiftah is responsible for inculcating knowledge and marketing concepts in all BERMAD units of sale and for marketing segment strategic goals while ensuring long-term growth and maintaining profitability and other measures as defined by the management.

Guizhou Zhenfeng water delivery (China) download Case Study

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