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Irrigation with Recycled Water - Design Guidelines

Designing an irrigation system that utilizes recycled water can be extremely challenging. BERMAD has developed tried and tested solutions to successfully deal with these challenges, designing irrigation systems that deliver optimal performance. In this webinar, we took a deep dive into planning, product selection and ongoing operation.

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Irrigation modernization is imperative for optimizing agricultural productivity, especially in regions facing water scarcity and burgeoning demand. The Santa Cruz de Alcolea Irrigation Consortium embarked on a comprehensive modernization initiative in 2016, forming the UTE Alcolea to spearhead this transformation.

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03 Mar 2019
Last updated date: 1 Oct 2023
Sarit Hatzbany
Sarit Hatzbany

Water Flow Control Valves

What are Flow Control Valves?

Flow control valves are designed to maintain a constant pre-set maximum flow regardless of fluctuating demand or varying system pressure. Flow limiting is required at the outlets from main systems to consumers like secondary systems (main line to hydrant line; hydrant line to distribution line), reservoirs, etc. in order to protect the supplying system from over consumption.

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Topics: Tubeless valves, Flow control, Flow Control Valves, Irrigation

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