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Harnessing Real-Time Data for Your Irrigation System Projects

Yiftah Enav
Yiftah Enav
30 Oct 2016
Last updated: 31 Aug 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) and digital disruption have taken many industries by storm—and the agriculture sector is joining the fray as well. While there are long-standing theories regarding IoT use cases in agriculture, sensor usage and big data are becoming more practical. 

In the CNYD Corn Farms project, BERMAD and AutoAgronom helped China’s YUANDA Corporation implement real-time data for its mission of becoming a food provider for cities they plan to build.

How Sensors Are Used in the CNYD Corn Farms Project

Yuanda purchased the Israeli AutoAgronom controller company to pursue the goal of offering food for the mega cities they participate in building. With the help of IoT sensors, the Autogranom system monitors real time data for water tension and chemicals in soil and roots for specific crops.

These sensors in the AutoAgronom system give YUANDA the ability to:

  • Perform computerized analysis and automatically activate irrigation and fertilization systems
  • Use online operation to continuously maintain balance humidity and fertilizer content
  • Save up to 50% water consumption and 70% fertilizer usage—while still increasing crop yield

While implementing these sensors might seem like an obvious choice for any irrigation project, it represents a real challenge in respect to balancing and controlling the hydraulic outcomes.


How does BERMAD help to control Pressure, Flow and Air in CNYD Corn Farms Irrigation System?

successful crop due to real-time dataIrrigating according to the sensors signals dictates the Pulse Irrigation concept which cycles up to 200 irrigation pulses per day. This means opening and closing valves every 4-5 minutes, resulting in on going dramatic changes in system flow velocity while introducing significant air volume to the system.

BERMAD engineers applied the right valves with the right applications and size to the exact location. This enables quick and accurate response to protect the pumps, filters, lines and the rest of the irrigation system.   

We were able to help YUANDA transform their land from barren desert in March 2015 to rich, crop-yielding soil by August 2015.

To learn more about how this transition happened, download the China CNYD Corn Farms case study and discover the technical details and product specifications that made this IoT-enabled automated irrigation system effective.


Click to view the complete case study

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Yiftah Enav

Written by Yiftah Enav

Realize BERMAD vision and strategy, regarding the development of the Irrigation segment, while carefully maintaining the core values of BERMAD. Yiftah works closely with the Regional and the subsidiary (RBC) Directors as the main factor that specializes in the Irrigation segment. Yiftah is responsible for inculcating knowledge and marketing concepts in all BERMAD units of sale and for marketing segment strategic goals while ensuring long-term growth and maintaining profitability and other measures as defined by the management.

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