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Pressure Sustaining Valve - High-Rise Building Installation

Yossi Rozen
Yossi Rozen
09 Jan 2018
Last updated: 11 Apr 2022

In this video, you will view a water supply system in a high-rise building that is divided into several pressure zones. The lower pressure zone is fed directly from the city water system, while the high-pressure zones are supplied from the building's top reservoir. 

When the water level drops in the lower reservoir, a signal is sent to open the reservoir's inlet valve. As a result, the pressure in the building supply inlet drops causing low pressure in the buildings lower pressure zone, negatively affecting the water supplied to the residents of this zone. 

This video below describes the issue in more detail and offers a solution so that correct pressure is sustained through out the high-rise building. 


This problem is solved by installing a BERMAD Pressure Sustaining Valve upstream of the lower reservoir level control valve. By installing this valve, you will ensure sufficient pressure to be supplied to the residents in the lower pressure zone. For more information contact us here.


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Yossi Rozen

Written by Yossi Rozen

Building & construction Marketing Manager. Works in Bermad Since 2010, Specialized in water supply systems in residential and commercial buildings, hotels, shopping centers and underground tunnels

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