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Irrigation infrastructure modernization project in Alcolea de Cinca, Spain

Ferenç Badia
Ferenç Badia
25 Mar 2024

Irrigation modernization is imperative for optimizing agricultural productivity, especially in regions facing water scarcity and burgeoning demand. The Santa Cruz de Alcolea Irrigation Consortium embarked on a comprehensive modernization initiative in 2016, forming the UTE Alcolea to spearhead this transformation.

Selected as the primary supplier for critical water management solutions, BERMAD EUROPE played a pivotal role in this endeavor and installed the 700 Sigma series control valves, the 900 series hydrometer (control valve & flowmeter), and the C70 and C30 series air valves. Through the deployment of cutting-edge infrastructure spanning a 120 km pipeline network and covering 4,200 hectares of farmland, the consortium underwent a remarkable transformation.

Alcolea de Cinca Irrigation Consortium

Situated in the picturesque municipality of Alcolea in Huesca, within the Aragón autonomous community of Spain, the infrastructure of Alcolea de Cinca was in dire need of renovation. Outdated systems reliant on diesel-powered pumps were unsustainable, and the absence of a unified irrigation network compounded the challenges faced by local farmers. The initiation of the modernization project in 2018 marked a significant turning point for the region.

Network protection in distribution core

Key to the success of this modernization effort was the integration of advanced network protection mechanisms. BERMAD provided a total of 352 units of metallic C70 series trifunctional air valves, ranging from 3" to 8" in diameter, alongside an additional 291 units of 2” C30 polymeric series, strategically placed within distribution cores. These installations, crucial for regulating water flow and mitigating the impact of surges, played a vital role in safeguarding the integrity of the irrigation network.



Control in pressure reduction core

Furthermore, pressure reduction cores were strategically positioned along the network to optimize operational efficiency. Within these cores, BERMAD installed two 700 Sigma series control valves in parallel, comprising a Burst Control pressure-reducing valve (792) and a secondary valve for low-demand periods. Integrated with a V-Port design, these valves ensured stability even during low-flow conditions, while quick relief valves (model 73Q) provided protection against overpressure events.



The Hydrant cabinets - what’s in it for the farmer

For individual farmers, the provision of hydrant cabinets equipped with BERMAD’s 900 series hydrometer marked a significant enhancement in water management capabilities. The 972 configuration, offering pressure reduction and flow limitation functionalities, was deployed across nearly 400 cabinets. This innovative solution not only tailored water pressure according to specific irrigation requirements but also facilitated precise flow measurement through integrated water meters, seamlessly integrated with telecontrol systems for real-time monitoring.

In conclusion, the Alcolea de Cinca Modernization Project stands as a testament to the transformative power of advanced irrigation infrastructure. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions, the consortium has not only optimized water utilization but also paved the way for sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring a prosperous future for generations to come.


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Ferenç Badia

Written by Ferenç Badia

Ferenç Badia is BERMAD Europe’s Marketing Manager. Ferenç has specialized in marketing applied to B2B engineering markets, specifically in hydraulics from his incorporation in BERMAD. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, and public relations with a technological background.

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