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Irrigation with Recycled Water - Design Guidelines

Designing an irrigation system that utilizes recycled water can be extremely challenging. BERMAD has developed tried and tested solutions to successfully deal with these challenges, designing irrigation systems that deliver optimal performance. In this webinar, we took a deep dive into planning, product selection and ongoing operation.

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Efrat Schlagman

Efrat Schlagman
Efrat Schlagman has been a marketing communication manager at BERMAD for the past seven years. With Over 20 years of experience in marketing and branding for global B2B companies. Efrat holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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As energy costs and global food shortages continue to rise, water associations are focusing on irrigation infrastructure projects that can cost-effectively and efficiently deliver irrigation water. Irrigation water supply projects can broadly be divided into three key areas:

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