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Lior Doron
Lior Doron
15 Nov 2023
Last updated: 15 Nov 2023

Large agricultural water delivery projects require advanced area parcellation and management in order to provide a stable supply of irrigation water to thousands of farmers. In BERMAD’s approach, the entire area (command area) is divided into different zones and sub-zones, each managed by the OMS (Outlet Management Systems). Each OMS is equipped with 4-12 valves, a water meter and pressure sensors, all controlled by one Omega irrigation controller which communicates with the cloud through cellular or RF communication. As a result, each sub-zone is consecutively irrigated in shifts, according to the planned irrigation schedule. The entire command area is managed and controlled by BERMAD’s cloud application which is connected to all Omega controllers in the field.

Omega – Volume-based smart irrigation controller

The Omega controller is a volume-based irrigation controller that can be connected to water meters and run advanced irrigation scheduling within the OMS. Additionally, it can recognize high and low flow situations, transmit an immediate alarm to authorized users, and immediately halt irrigation programs, thereby saving water.

Omega also has "built-in" leak detection capabilities, enabling quick identification and repair. It can be connected to up to two analog sensors (e.g., pressure or temperature sensors), thereby delivering a full picture of the entire irrigation network situation that can be remotely observed and monitored by irrigation managers.


BERMAD management web application provides a cloud-based platform for any scale of water system management, through the application, the operators can monitor alerts, irregulation in performance, change irrigation schedule or manually operate any device in the field. Everything can be done from a remote office or through a mobile phone wherever the operator exists.

Key Features of the OMEGA Controller









Volumetric & time-based irrigation

High/low flow monitoring & leak alerts

Up to 13 latch outputs, 8 digital inputs, & 2 analogue inputs

Built-in GSM modem with global data SIM card for internet connectivity

Integral data logger with more than 150K records

Durable IP65 for outdoor installation

Standard CE & FCC compliance

Industrial grade electronic components: -35°C to 75°C


BERMAD cloud application

BERMAD’s Cloud stores all command area information, including all required irrigation schedules, hydraulic and digital device parameters, users, sub-units, field data, and historical events, alarms, and activities. The information is securely stored and adheres to all privacy and cyber security regulations. The cloud connects to the Omega controllers via RF gateways or cellular connectivity, ensuring the ongoing operability of BERMAD’s management system in any location from remote.


Interested in learning more about how BERMAD’s OMS operates in the field?
Read our blog, “Modernizing and Automating Irrigation Water Supply for Large-Scale Agricultural Areas in India.”

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Lior Doron

Written by Lior Doron

Head of BERMAD’s digital solutions unit with more than 25 years of experience with digital products in irrigation and water solutions.

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