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Irrigation with Recycled Water - Design Guidelines

Designing an irrigation system that utilizes recycled water can be extremely challenging. BERMAD has developed tried and tested solutions to successfully deal with these challenges, designing irrigation systems that deliver optimal performance. In this webinar, we took a deep dive into planning, product selection and ongoing operation.

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Lior Doron

Lior Doron
Head of BERMAD’s digital solutions unit with more than 25 years of experience with digital products in irrigation and water solutions.

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15 Nov 2023
Last updated date: 15 Nov 2023
Lior Doron
Lior Doron

BERMAD OMS Digital Solution

Large agricultural water delivery projects require advanced area parcellation and management in order to provide a stable supply of irrigation water to thousands of farmers. In BERMAD’s approach, the entire area (command area) is divided into different zones and sub-zones, each managed by the OMS (Outlet Management Systems). Each OMS is equipped with 4-12 valves, a water meter and pressure sensors, all controlled by one Omega irrigation controller which communicates with the cloud through cellular or RF communication. As a result, each sub-zone is consecutively irrigated in shifts, according to the planned irrigation schedule. The entire command area is managed and controlled by BERMAD’s cloud application which is connected to all Omega controllers in the field.

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