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Overcoming Common Challenges and Maximizing Crop Quality With Composite Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Elad Orenstein
Elad Orenstein
07 Dec 2023
Last updated: 7 Jan 2024
Many agricultural applications are challenged by several factors:
  • Optimizing resources has become vital for growers to optimize their resources to improve productivity and ultimately increase profits, while keeping track of resource availability, analyzing processes and monitoring amounts and costs.
  • Precision farming also known as precision agriculture is a modern farming approach that focuses on the precise adjustment of inputs, such as water, fertilizers, and pesticides and is dependent upon constant monitoring and automated processes.

  • Local regulations are being established by governments as a means of protecting natural resources. In many cases, these policies play an important role in protecting the resources while some sustainability-oriented territories' regulations and laws require accurate measurement of water usage, nutrient applications, and other inputs.

Using composite electromagnetic flow meters

To optimize watering schedules and reduce water usage, farmers can benefit from using composite electromagnetic flow meters that are capable of measuring flow rates with exceptional accuracy, enabling farmers to effectively control the distribution of water, and ensuring that crops receive the appropriate amounts for their specific needs. This not only conserves water but also ensures that crops will receive optimal care and contribute to better crop quality while preventing over-irrigation, which can lead to water wastage and potential crop damage.

Through this type of smart metering, farmers can make informed decisions regarding the irrigation and fertilization of their crops, implying that this tech not only conserves water but also leads to improved crop yield and overall productivity while using sustainable farming practices and ensuring compliance with regulations, avoiding financial penalties.


Should you use a composite electromagnetic flow meter?

Since we have already established that composite electromagnetic flow meters can provide accurate readings that will help you increase yield and better crop quality, prevent overuse, and reduce waste and cost, it is important to realize that smart meters such as the IR-M10 Electromagnetic flow meter provide information in Having access to real-time flow data, the farmer is able to simplify operations greatly and save a great deal of time, especially for those who run large irrigation systems. Lastly, in terms of cost savings, the IR-M10 is lightweight, with no-moving parts, simple to install, and easy to maintain, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

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Elad Orenstein

Written by Elad Orenstein

Smart Metering Product Manager at Bermad Water Control Solution

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