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Center Pivots & Linears - Mechanized Irrigation Solutions (VRI, Flush Valve, Pivot Valve)

Tal Ben-Yaakov
Tal Ben-Yaakov
04 Oct 2020
Last updated: 20 Feb 2024

Mechanized irrigation systems such as Center Pivots and Linears are used to irrigate large cultivated fields.

They often need to function in challenging conditions and to move over diverse terrain types such as sloped areas and muddy fields. In our next webinar, we will be discussing the key factors that affect crop uniformity, and how to design mechanized irrigation systems and select their components to achieve optimal hydraulic efficiency, precise and smart irrigation, and long-term savings.

Mechanized Irrigation – Center Pivots and Linears

Topics: Irrigation, BERMAD webinar

Tal Ben-Yaakov

Written by Tal Ben-Yaakov

Tal has been working in the irrigation field since 1998 for diverse companies in the fields of landscape, filtration and open field irrigation. For the last several years he has been with BERMAD bringing his experience to customers around the world.

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