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The Farmer Joe Chronicles—A Window into BERMAD Irrigation World

Jennifer Nemirovsky
Jennifer Nemirovsky
30 Oct 2016
Last updated: 31 Aug 2022

It’s hard to have a generalized conversation about irrigation system equipment and solutions because each different agricultural situation has its own nuances and challenges. However, presenting the main challenges and their solutions in a catchy though professional way can assist even the most experienced irrigation designers to understand, apply and present these solutions. 

Farmer Joe's irrigation world

In addition to endless amount of PDFs and sales documents about specific irrigation challenges which we continue to supply and update, we’ve come up with a more interactive solution.

With the BERMAD Irrigation World virtual irrigation environment, you have the tools necessary to visualize specific cases, their challenges, and the solutions that can answer them.

Meet Farmer Joe—Your Guide to the BERMAD Irrigation World

Our goal with BERMAD Irrigation World is to simulate the main irrigation system challenges a bit more approachable than it has been in the past. To accomplish this goal, we want to introduce you to Farmer Joe—the character who will walk you through the challenges and solutions presented in BERMAD Irrigation World.

Everyday Farmer Joe wakes up and finds himself confronted with a new irrigation challenge. Whether he’s in the Pumping System, at the Filtration Station, in Field Crops water supply system, or on the Center Pivot, there’s always something for Farmer Joe to fix.

In the world of irrigation, though, there are no small problems. When Farmer Joe faces a problem with air pockets, it can jeopardize an entire section of land. He needs quick answers to his problems.

In The Farmer Joe Chronicles, we are going to offer a series of scenarios where Farmer Joe faces an irrigation challenge and show you how he goes about solving his problems.

Follow our blog to keep up with The Farmer Joe Chronicles, and head over to BERMAD Irrigation World now and explore the landscape of challenges yourself.

 Welcome to BERMAD IR World


Jennifer Nemirovsky

Written by Jennifer Nemirovsky

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