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Things you may or may not know about BERMAD – Part 1

Silvana Coelho
Silvana Coelho
16 May 2018
Last updated: 22 Aug 2022

If you are a farmer or grower anywhere in the world, you probably recognize BERMAD as a trusted name in irrigation. You may already know that BERMAD has been manufacturing proven hydraulic control valves, air valves, and water meters for irrigation systems since 1965, including innovative products for both field and greenhouse applications. And you may even have received irrigation system design assistance from our engineering team, or taken advantage of one of our instructional videos.

But there may be things you didn’t know about us too. Here are a few facts about BERMAD that you may or may not have been aware of. How many did you already know?

Did you know…

  1. The name BERMAD comes from BEREZ (which means valve) + MAD (which means meter)?

  2. The BERMAD IR-900 Series is a unique product that integrates both a hydraulic control valve and a water meter in the same body? And it’s also referred to as a “Christmas Tree”!

  3. BERMAD has 10 fully-owned subsidiaries all over the world?

Are you curious to learn more? Including the fact that BERMAD can provide a proportional pressure reducing valve with no pilot?


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Silvana Coelho

Written by Silvana Coelho

Ingeniera de aplicaciones para el sector de riego y soporte a Latinoamérica

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