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Prevention of Water Hammer at Valve Closing

Water hammer due to valve closing is unfortunately a common risk as valve closing dramatically reduces flow – "blocking" the water path. In this short blog, we look at the problem and recommended solutions.


Water hammer caused by valve slamming at closing.

  • Valve: IR-2"-100 series, commanded by external pressure (no specific application is
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Silvana Coelho

Silvana Coelho
Application Engineer for the Irrigation Sector and supporting Latin America.

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We hope you read and enjoyed  part 1 of our “Things you may or may not know about BERMAD” series. To refresh your memory, in this post we included interesting facts about BERMAD and our solutions.

For example, the fact that the name BERMAD comes from BEREZ (which means valve) and MAD (which means meter).

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If you are a farmer or grower anywhere in the world, you probably recognize BERMAD as a trusted name in irrigation. You may already know that BERMAD has been manufacturing proven hydraulic control valves, air valves, and water meters for irrigation systems since 1965, including innovative products for both field and greenhouse applications. And you may even have received irrigation system design assistance from our engineering team, or taken advantage of one of our instructional videos.

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Topics: Irrigation

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