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BERMAD Air Control in Sewage & Wastewater Applications

Wes Caudle
Wes Caudle
28 Sep 2022

In our recent webinar “BERMAD Air Control in Sewage & Wastewater Applications”, our waterworks expert, Wes Caudle, discussed the importance of air valves in sewage & wastewater systems for efficient operation and protection from vacuum conditions and surge pressure. Our discussion covered the design, selection, and operation of air valves in sewage & wastewater systems. If you are interested in learning more, you are welcome to watch the webinar recording.

On the Agenda

  • How to select the right Air Valves for optimal performance
  • Guidance for efficient operations and maintenance to reduce costs

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Topics: Waterworks, Control valves

Wes Caudle

Written by Wes Caudle

Over 11 years of experience working for leading manufacturers of Diaphragm Control Valves. Work in the field includes System Audits, Hands on Training, and presenting at Exhibitions and conferences on topics like Water Loss, Pressure Reducing, and Overviews on the Selection Process of Control Valves & ARV’s and their applications in water systems. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology & Applied Sciences - Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC.

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