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Bermad Conference in Buenos Aires brings together South American Distributors

Isaac Sucovsky
Isaac Sucovsky
28 Oct 2018
Last updated: 27 Dec 2018

The bi-annual Bermad conference which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September 3-5, brought together all Bermad’s South American distributors for three days — two days of lectures and one full day of team building. Twenty four people, including CEOs and Commercial Managers from South America and managers from Bermad gathered to report on their progress over the last two years.

“The goal was to update our partners on the latest innovations, strengthen relationships with Bermad and between distributors, and encourage knowledge sharing,” commented Isaac Sucovsky, Regional Sales Manager for South America.


Giora Cameron, Bermad’s Vice President of the Americas gave an overview of Bermad worldwide, while Isaac Sucovsky focused on Bermad in South America. Andres Ortiz, Bermad’s application engineer, introduced participants to the new 700 SIGMA series and other new technologies.


Moving from products to market sectors, Joan Diaz, International Marketing Manager, Mining, talked about developments in the mining industry. Renato Funes, BFS Application Engineer, Chile, focused on the Azapa project, a major government irrigation project in Chile. Elad Orenstein, the Smart Metering Product Manager, addressed the latest developments in smart metering.

We also heard from leading representatives who talked about developments in their markets: Helbert, Colombia; Bermad Peru; BFS, Chile; Fidemar, Uruguay; Datplast, Bolivia; Acero Comercial, Ecuador; and Bermad Brasil. The open discussions gave participants valuable time to exchange opinions and share ideas.

 “It was a huge pleasure to have been able to share these moments, meet with old friends, exchange experiences, show our company and get to know a little more of each of the new members of Bermad’s Latin group,” says Francisco McLauchlan, Executive Director of Bermad Peru.  

Sebastian Fuentes, Executive Director of Bermad Fluid Solutions, Chile also praised the event: “It was really productive, and we had the opportunity to share applications in our market and share with each other. It was a great conference with excellent hosts!”

 “We achieved what we set out do. It was a great event!” concluded Sucovsky. “We are optimistic that we will continue to expand our presence in South America.”


Welcome to Bermad city

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Isaac Sucovsky

Written by Isaac Sucovsky

Isaac Sucovsky is Bermad's Regional Sales Manager for South America

welcome to bermad city

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