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BERMAD Offers Comprehensive Solution

BERMAD Offers Comprehensive Solution for the Modernization and Automation of Water Supply in Karnataka, India

Sharon Ben Basat
Sharon Ben Basat
12 Jan 2020
Last updated: 20 Mar 2023

Twenty-four/seven access to drinking water is something that most of us take for granted. However, this is not the case in many countries around the world. In India for example, factors such as rapid development, a growing population, and uneven resource distribution have made it challenging to implement a reliable and sufficient drinking water infrastructure for the large population.

That said, by focusing on drinking water supply, the country has made significant progress in developing 

water resources and creating a drinking water infrastructure for its residents. As part of this focus, the Government of Karnataka (GoK), a state in south-western India, has invested in increasing and improving water supply coverage for its urban residents.


The Challenge: Improving Control and Distribution of Drinking Water to Urban Areas in Karnataka

Typical ESR installation

Two years ago, BERMAD was approached to supply flow control valves for the upgrade of existing elevated storage reservoirs (ESRs) and water distribution systems in Karnataka. However, what started off as a specific request for valves soon evolved into a full collaboration where BERMAD helped to develop and implement a comprehensive solution to modernize, automate, and improve the control of water supply to urban areas in the region.

The project involved three phases:

  • Phase 1 – 250 ESRs
  • Phase 2 - 550 ESRs
  • Phase 3 – 126 ESRs

BERMAD supplied the following components for each ESR water supply system:

  • A combined valve for altitude, flow and solenoid control
  • A flow meter
  • A Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that connects the physical components of the water supply system to a central control center for the remote management of all systems.



The Results

BERMAD engineers providing training and support at the sitePhase 1 and 2 of the water supply modernization project in Karnataka were successfully completed, and Phase 3 is currently in progress. By the end of the project, BERMAD will have supplied a water supply and control solution for approximately 1000 ESRs.

As a result, the amount of water that enters the ESRs can be controlled based on a predefined budget. Ongoing water usage from each ESR can also be tracked and remotely monitored in real-time, and the valves can be opened and closed from a central control station. In addition, the solution sustains the pressure in the feeding pipeline and ensures equal water supply to all ESRs along the line, and also prevents water overflow caused by overfilling.

To learn more about BERMAD hydraulic control valves, or for expert assistance with water system design, click here to contact a BERMAD representative in your region.


Sharon Ben Basat

Written by Sharon Ben Basat

General manager of BERMAD India Established the subsidiary of BERMAD in India Bringing 20 years of experience in the water and irrigation industry.

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