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BERMAD’s Composite Valve for Water Supply — Meet the New Valve in Town

Ofir Marx
Ofir Marx 21 Dec 2020

BERMAD’s 1000 series represents a breakthrough in the supply of drinking water. 

The new lightweight composite PN16 (250 PSI) valve is set to eliminate corrosion and deliver years of trouble-free performance. 

Typical applications include maintaining pre-set maximum pressure in pipelines throughout the day for leakage reduction; pressure reduction for main off-branching lines requiring lower pressure; eliminating pressure fluctuation from dynamic pressure losses at end consumers; and supplying safe pressure to facilities and households with low pressure-rated appliances.


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Ofir Marx

Written by Ofir Marx

Head of Marketing department in BERMAD, specialized in the waterworks market, gives marketing services to 14 sales organization worldwide, with special tools animations, web sites, social media and more.

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