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Webinar WW 31.3.21

Dual Feed Pressure Management for Water Distribution Networks

This webinar takes a look at an advanced pressure management application, specifically, how to combine two critical points in a water distribution network with pressure management and flow profiles. 

The webinar focuses on a UK case study featuring a District Metered Area (DMA) and service reservoir, together serving 16,000 homes.

Anthony Whittam, BERMAD UK Sales Manager With more than 10 years at BERMAD, Anthony is responsible for internal production and testing and external servicing and commissioning. He also provides training and consults to water industry clients on solutions for their applications.
Sean Kane, BERMAD Senior Applications Engineer Sean has more than 30 years of experience in the water industry. At BERMAD, he's responsible for servicing and commissioning valves, providing technical support, and carrying out product testing and development. He also provides training and support for water utility companies and external contractors.

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Topics: Waterworks, BERMAD webinar

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