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Why Polymeric Materials Can Be a Good Solution For Drinking Water Applications

Ferenç Badia
Ferenç Badia
28 Sep 2023
Last updated: 2 Nov 2023

Despite the problems of corrosion, weight, and appearance, in the realm of the waterworks industry, ductile iron has long held its prominence due to its ability to withstand high nominal pressure levels and its relative reliability.

However, after recent developments in Polymeric Composites, these advanced materials can now offer higher pressure ratings with certification for potable water. With many other additional advantages, including, lighter weight for easy installation and an almost absolute resistance to corrosion and cavitation. Considerably reducing long-term maintenance costs.

BERMAD has undertaken a strategic investment in developing alternative solutions using a reinforced polyamide for applications up to 6” (DN150) with a nominal pressure of 16 BAR. Notably, the 1000 series control valve, the C30 air valve, and the MUT7000 electromagnetic flowmeter all carry certification for potable water applications. These three solutions share all the advantages inherent to their construction from highly resistant polymeric materials.

1000 Hydraulic Valve Series

This series offers a range from 1.5” (DN40) to 6” (DN150), available in threaded, flanged, and grooved connections. This valve series accommodates a wide range of applications, including pressure reduction, pressure sustaining, pressure relief, or level control. It can be equipped with independent hydraulic control or electronic control via solenoid.1020-55-product-thumb

Embodying the characteristic BERMAD Y-pattern, this series ensures an exceptionally high flow capacity with minimal pressure loss. The valve's design includes a full-bore seat, with an unobstructed straight through flow path, free of any in-line ribs, supporting cages, or shafts. Operating with low opening and actuation pressure, the valve delivers precise and consistent pressure regulation coupled with a smooth operational characteristic.

With the resilient PN16 reinforced polyamide material, the valve demonstrates the needed elasticity and strength, with a high resistance to cavitation.
The 1000 series distinguishes itself in its light weight, significantly simplifying in-line installation and maintenance procedures.

Pressure Reducing System


C30 Air Valve Series

The C30 air valve series, constructed from fiber-reinforced Nylon, and a PN16 rating holds certification for use with potable water.

Operating as a trifunctional air valve, this valve series performs three critical roles:

Air Evacuation during Pipeline Filling: It efficiently expels air during the initial pipeline filling process.

Air Pocket Release from Pressurized Pipes: It enables the effective release of air pockets from pipes operating under pressure.

Large Volume Air Intake for Draining: The valve facilitates the intake of high volumes of air during drainage processes.

An added fourth function, Surge Protection (SP), can be incorporated into this series. This addition entails a dual-stage closure mechanism that preemptively prevents potential harm to both the valve and the system, ensuring smooth operation.

Distinguished by its advanced aerodynamic design, double orifice configuration, and Surge Protection device, this air valve delivers excellent protection against air accumulation, preventing vacuum formation with superior sealing efficiency in low pressure conditions.

blog_PN16_POLYMERIC-SOLUTIONS_V15MUT7000 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The MUT7000 is an electromagnetic flowmeter with extremely high precision across a broad spectrum of flow rates including bi-directional measurements. Available in both MID and R400 certifications.

This technology operates with no mechanical moving components such as impellers, therefore an absolute minimal maintenance requirement. In addition, the clear straight through passage is devoid of any significant Pressure loss, even at the highest flows.

Built with a reinforced polyamide body, with a bi-component resin, shielding its internal components against external agents. Its robust construction, coupled with a PN16 rating, is further underlined by its IP68 certification, signifying its resilience against flood conditions.

The MUT7000 is suited to many applications, ranging from DN50 (2") to DN150 (6"), and is equipped with Victaulic OGS connections, which can be adapted to accommodate flange connections. The unit’s battery life is designed to extend up to 10 years, or alternatively, it can be directly powered through a 12VDC electrical network.

With an internal memory capacity capable of storing up to 100,000 lines of active data-logging, the MUT7000 enables extensive data storage. Configuration and operational management are facilitated through the Mag-Net app, readily available for download on both the App Store and Google Play platforms.



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Ferenç Badia

Written by Ferenç Badia

Ferenç Badia is BERMAD Europe’s Marketing Manager. Ferenç has specialized in marketing applied to B2B engineering markets, specifically in hydraulics from his incorporation in BERMAD. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, and public relations with a technological background.

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