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Benefits of Low Flow Bypass in Pressure Reducing Systems in Buildings

With the growing demand in modern life for urban living, we have seen a surge in the number of buildings in cities worldwide, especially high-rise skyscrapers which seemingly defy the laws of gravity!

To achieve these sky-high targets, we need to consider the engineering challenges required to provide a smooth, quiet and uninterrupted supply of

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Rami Levkovich

Rami Levkovich
Rami Levkovich is chief application engineer at VICTAULIC BERMAD Technologies with extensive knowledge and experience in planning, designing and implementing efficient water control solutions for the Buildings & Construction industry.

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Pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are used in high-rise buildings to maintain constant outlet pressure at all times. These PRVs often operate in tough conditions that can cause them to fail and stop protecting against high pressure conditions, which in turn can result in severe flooding, damage to pipes and fixtures, mold and other health hazards.

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