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Maintaining functional continuity of critical structures during fire

Maintaining functional continuity of critical structures during fire

Paul Goldsmith
Paul Goldsmith
03 Dec 2020
Last updated: 3 Dec 2020

In emergencies, the functional stability of vital structures such as the Bank of Israel is crucial. An underground shelter was constructed for the building, 40 meters below ground level. To provide a flow of drinking water to the people living and working there, a water supply system was required. The system also had to supply water for the fire hydrants.


Because the Bank of Israel has computerized systems and a large number of vaults with valuable documents, it’s vital to prevent water damage from the extinguishing media during false alarms — and that the fire-extinguishing system is activated only in case of fire.

To meet the challenge, UL-listed double-interlock deluge values was installed for the fire hose and sprinkler systems. The valves only allow water into the system piping after two different sensors simultaneously verify that an abnormal heat source has been detected and the dispersion of the water from the sprinklers is confined to the area of the heat only. These valves operate autonomously, independent of the power grid, and are able to prevent unwanted overflow and flooding even during power failures.

Thanks to the professional knowledge and experience of BERMAD’s engineers who provided guidance and support through the project, from the design stages to installation and final operation, the company was able to meet the complex challenges posed by the Bank of Israel project. BERMAD's solution guarantees a safe fire extinguishing system, that ensures functional continuity even during times of emergency.

See how BERMAD’s fire protection system protects the Bank of Israel.



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Paul Goldsmith

Written by Paul Goldsmith

Paul has worked at BERMAD since 1998 as a Test Engineer for Research and Development, Product Management and in Marketing. He holds a degree in Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering from the Ruppin Academic Center.


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