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Can a Ductile Iron valve be used for harsh environment applications?

Corrosion is an everyday topic encountered in our industry on a regular basis.This technical issue contains many aspects that ultimately place a high-cost burden on facility owners.

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Gaby Kantz

Gaby Kantz

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13 Apr 2017
Last updated date: 7 May 2017
Gaby Kantz
Gaby Kantz

Deluge Valve Case Study: Tempa Rossa Oilfield

The Tempa Rossa project is a newly developed oilfield situated in the Sauro Valley of the Basilicata region of southern Italy. The project is jointly owned by Total E&P Italia, Shell, and Mitsui E&P Italia. It was discovered in 1989 and brought into production in 2016. The oilfield is estimated to contain total reserves of 200 million barrels of high quality crude oil, with an anticipated peak daily output of 50,000 barrels. Natural gas, LPG, and sulfur are also being produced.

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Topics: Fire Protection, Deluge Valves

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