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The Importance of Circulation Relief or Fire Pump Casing Relief Valves

Fire pumps

Fire pumps are used to supply fire protection systems with pressurized water to ensure the smooth operation of the system's extinguishing devices. Because the fire pump's performance has a direct impact on the performance of the entire system, it is crucial to ensure it is functioning correctly.

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The Sakhalin project is a two-phase, on- and off-shore oil and gas development on Sakhalin Island, Russia, located in the Okhotsk Sea. The project is owned and operated by Exxon Neftegas Limited (ENL). Combined, the Sakhalin phase 1 and 2 reserves contain an estimated 1,200 million barrels of crude oil. The project includes Russia’s first LNG plant, and is expected to contribute billions of dollars to the Russian economy. The first Sakhalin 1 well was drilled in 2003.

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Topics: Fire Protection, Offshore

Fire protection systems play a critical role in preserving safety at oil and gas facilities. Deluge systems are classified as active fire protection measures and are commonly used in a wide range of offshore O&G installations, including floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, floating production systems (FPSs), and fixed platforms.

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Topics: Fire Protection, Offshore

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