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Fire extinguishing systems in infrastructure buildings

In fire protection, every second is crucial, especially in high-risk infrastructure buildings, such as power plants. They need fire protection systems that are autonomous and not dependent on unreliable municipal water pumps or electricity supplies. Therefore many industrial buildings have their own water reservoirs with piping and pumps located a

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In a society in which mobility is increasing and traffic volume is growing rapidly, modern tunnels with reliable fire protection are essential. Increasingly, long and complex tunnel systems are being planned and built and existing tunnels are going through modernization processes in order to meet the growing requirements. As a result of the access limitations of a tunnel, tunnel fires present significant risk to people, vehicles and the tunnel structure itself. 

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Topics: Fire Protection

There are many ways to put out a fire. Depending on the situation, a fire protection system can be designed to work with various fire suppression agents. Plain water is commonly used because it is easily available and effective in many cases. However, water is not always the best choice. Other options include inert gases, dry or wet chemical agents, and different types of fire suppressing foam. In this post, we will discuss foam applications.

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Topics: Fire Protection, Deluge Valves

One of the many choices to be made in designing an industrial fire protection system is to determine the deluge valves operation philosophy in the event of a fire - manually or automatically. The next designing step for an automatic operation is how the pilot sprinklers with fusible plugs will be activated, pneumatically or hydraulically. The advantage of an automatic operation is that it takes place immediately in response to triggering conditions such as heat or flame, without need for human interference or decision making. This enables fast system response even in remote or unmanned locations.

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Topics: Fire Protection, Deluge Valves

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