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Can a Ductile Iron valve be used for harsh environment applications?

Corrosion is an everyday topic encountered in our industry on a regular basis.This technical issue contains many aspects that ultimately place a high-cost burden on facility owners.

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Mark Barnhart

Mark Barnhart
National Sales Manager Fire Protection 20+ Years Oil/Gas Service and Sales Texas A&M University 1996

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Fire is one of the greatest risks oil, gas & petrochemical facilities face on a day-to-day basis. These facilities aim to minimize this risk with fire protection that typically includes a deluge sprinkler system.

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04 Oct 2018
Last updated date: 28 Dec 2021
Mark Barnhart
Mark Barnhart

Deluge Valve Protection is Critical in Cold Weather

In high-hazard settings such as oil extraction facilities, refineries, and buildings in industrial parks where chemicals and other flammable liquids are stored, deluge systems are the preferred type of fire sprinkler system. Often referred to as open sprinklers, deluge systems are designed with open nozzles and empty, non-pressurized lines and are designed to discharge through all the sprinkler heads in the system. Because they deliver a large quantity of water all at once, they offer the best protection in the event of a fire in these types of facilities. 

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