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Tel Aviv’s Red Line Tunnel Fire Extinguishing System

First Look: Tel Aviv’s Red Line Tunnel Fire Extinguishing System

Posted by Doron Eshel & Yossi Rozen
16 May 2022
Last updated: 24 Oct 2023

Tel Aviv's new Light Rail 'Red Line' is soon to be the first section of the new light twin-track urban railway. The project is designed to address the problem of increasing traffic congestion by transporting passengers within the Tel Aviv-Yafo metropolitan area.

Construction began in 2011 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022. The route will pass both on the upper and lower road from Petah Tikva, through Tel Aviv to Bat Yam, and will spread across 5 cities, with 34 stations. The train will pass through two parallel tunnels with a total length of 11 km (of the altogether 24 km) and 10 of the stations will be placed underground.

The Challange

BERMAD’s challenge was to provide a safe and reliable solution for fire-water control valves under the planned pressure and flow rates, subjected to the requirements of the local regulations. In addition, it was considered that the valves must meet the demands of underground working conditions with difficult accessibility.


The Design

The main water line to the firefighting system is supplied from a large pumping station located in the Petach Tiqva Depot, with backup to any urban network from each of the shuttle stations. Our design includes control valves with a hose valve installed every 50 meters, and escape passages every 250 meters.

Typical Hose Valve connection with BERMAD PRV:


In Case of Fire…
For disconnection or shutoff of the water supply in the main lines in the case of an explosion or failure in the main pipe, we supplied a UL Listed High Pressure Electrically Controlled On-Off Valve with an Electric Remote Reset Latch – Model FP 700E-3D-RL Deluge Valve is able to perform by electric signal throughout the tunnel control system. each deluge valve is equipped with a position indicator and two limit switches, providing an electrical signal to the fire control system to indicate the valve’s closed or open position.
BERMAD’s 700E-3D-RL is also suitable for use with remote-controlled or automatic. 


This BERMAD Deluge Valve is equipped with two solenoid valves (an opening solenoid and a closing solenoid) actuating a Double-Acting Relay Valve (DRV). Activating the “opening” solenoid trips the deluge valve to open and latches the Deluge Valve in its last position. The FP 700E-3D-RL can be reset remotely via a short pulse to activate the “closing” solenoid.

collage Typical installations inside the 'Red Line' 

Double the Safety

To ensure correct pressure to the hose valves BERMAD provided the UL/FM approved pressure control valve model FP-42T. This is a pilot-operated elastomeric control valve that keeps a stable and constant preset downstream pressure, below a preset maximum in dynamic or static conditions and regardless of fluctuations in pressure or flow. This valve has been designed specifically for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards.

42TTypical installation of pressure control valve

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Pressure Relief Valve

At the downstream of each 42T Pressure Control Valve, a pressure relief valve model FP-430 has been installed, in order to protect the system from sudden overpressure spikes. Each relief valve has a built-in electrical position indicator signaling to the control system when the valve is open/venting. 
In addition, automatic air valves were provided and installed at the high points in the piping above the escape passages.

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These days, we started the phase of sessions and lectures with the control personnel and the plumbing contractors, in order to increase understanding of fire protection system features, for the upcoming railway lunch.

Need fire protection design assistance?

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Written by Doron Eshel & Yossi Rozen

This article was written in collaboration with Doron Eshel, Chief Engineer & Fire Protection Product Manager and Yossi Rozen, Building & construction Marketing Manager.

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