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Things you may or may not know about BERMAD – Part 2

Silvana Coelho
Silvana Coelho
29 May 2018
Last updated: 14 Jul 2022

We hope you read and enjoyed  part 1 of our “Things you may or may not know about BERMAD” series. To refresh your memory, in this post we included interesting facts about BERMAD and our solutions.

For example, the fact that the name BERMAD comes from BEREZ (which means valve) and MAD (which means meter).

To complete the picture, we put together some more interesting facts that you may or may not know about us—and more importantly, facts about how BERMAD irrigation products can help solve your biggest irrigation challenges! How many did you already know?

Did you know…

  1. Most pipeline failures result from negative pressure surges, not positive ones. 

  2. Professors from recognized European universities routinely use the BERMAD Air Test Bench.

  3. BERMAD products are not immune to silly nicknames. We’re not monkeying around: the SHARP 3-way Mini Pilot is also known as the “Baboon.” Can you guess why?

Did we pique your curiosity?

Want to know more  - including a handy formula for calculating head loss, and the reason why the SHARP 3-way Mini Pilot is called the Baboon?



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Silvana Coelho

Written by Silvana Coelho

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