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Achieving Zero Emissions — Sustainability Made Possible

Gideon Ben-Shalom
Gideon Ben-Shalom
07 Jun 2022
Last updated: 24 Mar 2024

From its inception 57 years ago until today, BERMAD, a world leader in water flow management and control, continues to operate its business with a strong focus on sustainability.
The company develops and manufactures unique standout products and solutions, in terms of their quality and suitability for customers' needs, long service life and minimum cost of ownership as well as in terms of their hydraulic and energy efficiency.

The company's leading product lines —700 SIGMA metal valve series and 100 composite valve series — are 20% -25% more hydraulic and energy efficiency than competitive hydraulic control valves.



Saving water & resources

The company’s innovative products provide its customers withElectromagnetic Flowmeter-1 maximum control, safety, and accuracy, which results in significant savings in valuable resources such as water and fertilizers. The M10 series of advanced magnetic water meters, manufactured from composite materials, allow maximum accuracy and control of the amount of water used for agriculture or urban consumption — in any environment or water quality — with maximum energy efficiency.




Our series of user-friendly controllers, based on secure cloud technology, enable maximum control and accuracy saving water, fertilizer and labor, as well as improving crop quality.






Green energy utilized in manufacturing process

BERMAD strives to use green energy in its manufacturing facilities. Today, the company’s energy consumption of 4,000,000 KW per year as well as its partners are supplied from green energy sources, while any excess energy generated is supplied to the regional electricity grid.

 BERMAD HQ and its main production site utilizes solar energy through a system with a capacity of 1,300,000 KW per year installed on the company's roofs.

On the roofs of our partner groups, systems have been installed that cover 200% of electricity consumption, while surpluses are fed to the regional electricity grid.

Methane-fed generators pumped from a waste landfill site produce an annual capacity of
13,000,000 KW per year, which covers the company's and its owners' energy consumption (Kibbutz Evron, Saar, and Mishamar Haemek). Here too, surpluses are fed to the regional electricity grid.

תמונות מנועים אפריל 2022

Our employees around the world are proud to be a part of the global effort to reduce carbon
emissions as well as ensure efficient water supply, resulting in the ongoing availability of clean
drinking water availability as well as higher crop yield. All this contributes to safe water supply
and enhanced nutrition.

The bottom line: As a zero emissions company, BERMAD will continue to share its knowledge
and solutions to help achieve, together with our worldwide partners, a better life and sustainable future.
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Gideon Ben-Shalom

Written by Gideon Ben-Shalom

VP Products & Marketing

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