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Managing water supply in urban water networks through dynamic pressure reduction

Managing water supply in urban water networks through dynamic pressure reduction

Tal Levi
Tal Levi
30 Nov 2020
Last updated: 30 Nov 2020

How can water utilities save 30% of domestic water consumption and still supply water to the public at the required pressure? With the help of BERMAD’s technological water-saving solutions.

Water utilities purchase water from the national water company at 4 shekels per x = per 1 cubic meter and sell it to consumers at a standard rate of 7 shekels per 1 cubic meter. Due to high water leakage across the distribution network, water utilities can’t get a full refund for the money spent. Since replacing old infrastructure is extremely costly, another way to reduce water leakage in cities needs to be found. The solution is dynamic pressure management which saves water, energy and money.

Israel’s Water Utility Authority is obligated to supply residents with water at a pressure of 2.5-5 bar. In the morning, when everyone gets ready for their day, water consumption is high. At night, water consumption decreases by approximately 80%! Accordingly, pressure can be reduced at night, while still allowing consumers to have sufficient tap pressure in accordance with required standards.


The pressure management valve is connected to an automatic controller that changes the valve set point between low consumption at night to the peak hours. This solution allows utilities to track flow and pressure in real-time and perform machine learning to optimize network pressures.


See how pressure management allows dynamic and smart water control, enabling savings of up to 30% of water loss!



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Tal Levi

Written by Tal Levi

Tal Levi has been a Waterworks Application Engineer at BERMAD, world leaders in water control solutions, for nearly eight years. Tal specializes in pressure surge and network hydraulics. He holds a Masters in Water Industry Engineering.

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