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Webinar WW 21-4-21

Air Control in Sewage & Wastewater — introducing the BERMAD C80

Eyal Geller
Eyal Geller 05 May 2021

Air valves in sewage & wastewater systems are important for efficient operation as well as for protection from vacuum conditions and surge pressure. 

The webinar reviewed the important considerations for the design, selection and operation of air valves in sewage and wastewater systems. In addition, we presented the key features and benefits of BERMAD's C80 new combination air valve.

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Topics: Waterworks, BERMAD webinar

Eyal Geller

Written by Eyal Geller

BERMAD's Air Valves Product Manager, responsible for the product line's compliance with the needs and requirments of end users, operators and systems' designers, while sustaining competitive advantage and ensuring growth.

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