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Tal Levi
Tal Levi
12 Apr 2021
Last updated: 20 Jul 2022


The presence of uncontrolled quantities of air in water systems can seriously affect their performance, causing inefficient filling and draining procedures and flow reduction, while increasing energy costs. It also disrupts the operation of some of
the system’s components.

On the other hand, air is essential in dealing with vacuum conditions and pressure surges.
Effective control of air in a water network is based on evaluating the required air volume during various modes of operation, and according to the required volume, the proper positioning and sizing of the air valves.

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Air control in pressurized water systems is critical for increasing efficiency during filling, draining and pressurized operation, as well as to protect them from vacuum conditions and pressure surge.

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Now available! A new guide for hydraulic system designers which compiles all the technical aspects of air valves in water systems. Topics include: Principles of operation, selection and positioning, installation, air flow test bench, specifications and more!
The guide is based on BERMAD engineers’ years of experience and knowledge in specifying air valves and supporting designers worldwide.
The guide will allow you to easily learn the principles and to understand design criteria, in order to meet typical air requirements in the system such as air release, vacuum prevention and pipeline filling as well as protect the system in case of pressure surge events.

What does the guide cover?

  • Advanced animations of the principles of operation
  • High quality illustrations showing the typical points for positioning along the line or in specific locations, including pumping stations, pressure reduction systems, reservoirs, high rise buildings and more
  • Positioning methods and formulas for calculating the required size
  • Preliminary sizing graphs
  • Installation considerations
  • BERMAD air valve specifications

And much more! Download our Air Control in Water Systems Guide for designers now:
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Tal Levi

Written by Tal Levi

Tal Levi has been a Waterworks Application Engineer at BERMAD, world leaders in water control solutions, for nearly eight years. Tal specializes in pressure surge and network hydraulics. He holds a Masters in Water Industry Engineering.

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