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BERMAD Smart Metering with Electromagnetic Flow Meters

BERMAD Smart Metering with Electromagnetic Flow Meters — Your Questions Answered

Elad Orenstein
Elad Orenstein
06 May 2020
Last updated: 20 Feb 2024

In a recent BERMAD webinar, “Smart Metering with Electromagnetic Flow Meters,” our Smart Metering Product Manager Elad Orenstein talked about the benefits of using electromagnetic flow meters to collect accurate data and make it available anywhere, at any time.


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During the webinar, questions regarding electromagnetic flow meters were addressed:


Q: What is the maximum size full bore electromagnetic water meter available from BERMAD?
A: Full bore electromagnetic flow meters are available from 1/2" up to 80" / DN15 up to DN2000.

Q: What is the minimum required conductivity of the liquid?
A: The minimum required conductivity of the liquid is 5 micro Siemens/cm.




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Q: What is the requirement for a straight pipeline before and after the WM (5D/3D)?
A: The standard application calls for 5D-3D before and after the installation; however, BERMAD offers a certified mag meter with 0D-0D conditions.

Q: What is the maximum % of solid in fluid ratio?
A: The maximum allowed solid in fluid ratio is 20%.

Q: Is there a built-in data logger? If so, can it be downloaded remotely?
A: A data logger is already available as a standard feature in our There’s no need to add extra products at additional cost. Data can be downloaded locally on a PC or remotely using GSM/GPRS communication and a dedicated web portal.

Q: How many lines does the data logger have?
A: The data logger has 150,000 – 200,000 data points varying by the product (converter); data points can be collected at a minimum interval of 1 minute.

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Q: What type of communication system is being used with the cloud? GPRS, LAN or LORA?
A: The standard communication system is GSM/GPRS; however, mag meters have many outputs such as PULSE, Modbus, HART and other protocols that can be easily connected to any 3rd party communication device including LAN, LORA, and more.

Q: Can your mag meter be connected to a pressure sensor?
A: BERMAD’s mag meters can be connected to several analog devices such as pressure and temperature sensors to name a few. In addition, BERMAD offers the MUT2200 water meter with an optional integrated pressure port.

Q: Can the meter be installed in a vertical position?
A: Mag meters can be installed vertically in an upright position (water flowing upwards).

Q: Does the meter require grounding rings?
A: When utilized with polymeric pipelines, grounding rings and grounding rod are required to complete a proper installation. Metallic pipe installations require a connection of the mag meter flanges and converter to the opposite flange. More information can be found in the product installation manual.


Q: What type of application is commonly used by mag meters?
A: Mag meters are suitable for all applications including clean water, unfiltered water, chemicals, wastewater, fluids with moving parts, solids, etc. In order to utilize a mag meter, the liquid must be conductive.

Smart Metering with Electromagnetic Flow Meters
As the world continues to undergo a digital transformation, we’re looking for ways to deliver data quickly and easily. Smart metering is exactly that – electromagnetic flow meters provide data on flow indications, totalizers, line pressure, logs and more, and upload it to the cloud for quick and easy access, anywhere, at any time.

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Elad Orenstein

Written by Elad Orenstein

Smart Metering Product Manager at Bermad Water Control Solution

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