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BERMAD Air Valves Sizing and Positioning using BERMAD Air Software — Your Questions Answered

In a recent BERMAD webinar, “Air Valves Sizing and Positioning using BERMAD Air Software,” Tal Levi, our Waterworks Application Engineer, talked about the challenges of proper air control in water system design.

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Elad Orenstein

Elad Orenstein
Smart Metering Product Manager at Bermad Water Control Solution

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In a recent BERMAD webinar, “Smart Metering with Electromagnetic Flow Meters,” our Smart Metering Product Manager Elad Orenstein talked about the benefits of using electromagnetic flow meters to collect accurate data and make it available anywhere, at any time.

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Water is becoming an increasingly precious resource. Governments and organizations everywhere are placing increasing importance on water management, both in an effort to reduce costs and to ensure adequate supply into the future.

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