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Bermad’s 700 SIGMA Valve with Superior Cavitation Resistance

BERMAD’s 700 SIGMA Valve with Superior Cavitation Resistance Allows the Supply of Water in Extreme Working Conditions

Colin Kirkland
Colin Kirkland
23 May 2019
Last updated: 23 Nov 2021

Cavitation, which can damage delivery networks, is a given in all water supply systems. However, it is a particular concern in Australia where water supplies are already limited. In systems with inadequate pressure controls, cavitation can lead to significant damage, including pipe bursts, and ultimately a pipe burst if pressure is not properly controlled.  

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The Challenge

Cavitation was a top concern for one municipal water authority in Southern Australia as it sought to develop an alternative source of water to meet the demands of a growing population. The utility was already serving more than a million people and needed a new pipeline to serve as a backup. With such a large system, maintaining the proper pressure to ensure the delivery of water throughout the entire network was difficult.

In a system with such widely varying pressure, the cavitation it can cause would made the addition of a new pipeline risky business and the selection of a valve to control it of paramount importance. So, the utility turned to BERMAD for a solution – a valve that would work reliably without cavitation to ensure the safety and stability of its pipeline.  

The Solution

BERMAD understood the critical nature of the situation. With more than a million people relying on the utility for their water supplies, valve failure would could be catastrophic to the downstream reticulation network.

BERMAD worked with the utility and its design engineers to install a 700 SIGMA Series valve, which is highly resistant to cavitation and explored additional safeguards available to ensure the valve would protect the pipeline and function well in the widely varying pressure conditions they faced.  


Read more about how BERMAD Australia supported the utility throughout all stages of the project, from solution design through to implementation and after-sale support.

Click here to download a PDF version of the case study 700 SIGMA valve protects critical pipeline case study


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Colin Kirkland

Written by Colin Kirkland

Colin Kirkland, Air Valve Product Manager & Victoria/Tasmania Technical Sales.
Colin has more than 30 years’ experience working in water supply and irrigation in Australia, including 16 years with BWT. He credits his training at Weir pumps in his native Scotland for providing him with a solid grounding in engineering. Colin is a mechanical engineer and a fitter and turner, who prides himself on taking a hands-on approach when designing and implementing successful installations across all aspects of BWT’s products and markets. As Air Valve Product Manager, Colin performs training seminars in pipeline design incorporating air release valves around Australia.

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