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BERMAD Large Hydraulic Control Valves - Specification and Selection

Micha Baer
Micha Baer
29 Mar 2022
Last updated: 10 Jun 2024

In our recent webinar “BERMAD Large Hydraulic Control Valves - Specification and Selection”, our waterworks expert, Micha Baer, talked about the History and the need for Large Control Valves, discussed the Various types, Pros and Cons, Requirements and Specifications, Features and Benefits, and presented Case Studies of Large Hydraulic Control Valves Projects.

On the Agenda

  • The growing need and importance to deliver large quantities of water over long distances.
  • Pros and cons of available Large Control Valves.
  • Specification and selection
  • BERMAD’s offer and range of Large Hydraulic Control Valves.

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Topics: Waterworks, Control valves

Micha Baer

Written by Micha Baer

BERMAD Application Engineer with the Waterworks sector in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Giving technical support and sharing knowledge with Bermad's personnel in the subsidiaries and with customers.

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