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Air Control in Sewage & Wastewater — introducing the BERMAD C80

Air valves in sewage & wastewater systems are important for efficient operation as well as for protection from vacuum conditions and surge pressure. 

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Micha Baer

Micha Baer
BERMAD Application Engineer with the Waterworks sector in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Giving technical support and sharing knowledge with Bermad's personnel in the subsidiaries and with customers.

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Large control valves are used in a number of applications, for example, in systems that transport and distribute water to and in big cities, in the transfer of water from wet regions to arid regions for drinking and irrigation purposes, in water treatment plants (sewage and desalination), and for level control in large reservoirs and dams.

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In a recent BERMAD webinar, “Managing Water Security Events with Emergency Control Valves,” Micha Baer, our Waterworks Application Engineer, talked about the types and causes of water security events, the measures that need to be taken to minimize the risks, and how emergency control valves can be used to manage such events.

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In a recent BERMAD webinar, “How to Design & Implement a Pressure Reducing Station for Extreme Pressure Difference,” Micha Baer, our Waterworks Application Engineer, talked about the challenges in dealing with extreme high pressure in a water supply pipeline.

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