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Can a Ductile Iron valve be used for harsh environment applications?

Corrosion is an everyday topic encountered in our industry on a regular basis.This technical issue contains many aspects that ultimately place a high-cost burden on facility owners.

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Eric Chow

Eric Chow
Proposal / Application Engineer, Works in Bermad Since 2012, Specializes in Fire Protection system

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02 Sep 2018
Last updated date: 12 May 2019
Eric Chow
Eric Chow

Fire Line Basket Strainers for Fire Protection Systems

When firefighters get called in, the last thing they want to deal with is a clogged nozzle. The consequences may be tragic if a fire does occur and the fire sprinklers don’t turn on. These malfunctions are key indicators of a vulnerable fire protection system. And unfortunately, you may not become aware of the problem until it’s too late.

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Topics: Fire Protection, Basket strainers

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