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Can a Ductile Iron valve be used for harsh environment applications?

Corrosion is an everyday topic encountered in our industry on a regular basis.This technical issue contains many aspects that ultimately place a high-cost burden on facility owners.

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Vincent Lee

Vincent Lee
Vincent is a Fire Protection Engineer and the APAC Area Manager for BERMAD. He has extensive experience both as a marine engineer and in fire protection industries.

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04 Oct 2020
Last updated date: 29 Aug 2022
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee

Local Reset, Remote On-Off and Remote Reset Deluge Valves

Have you heard the terms Local Reset, Remote On-Off, and Remote Reset? How are they connected to deluge valves in fire protection systems? Join our next webinar to learn more about these terms and the differences between them, as well as the design and engineering principles behind each deluge valve configuration type.New call-to-action

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