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Enhancing Air Control in Water Systems with a Combination Air Valve

Eyal Geller
Eyal Geller
29 Apr 2018

Air control is a critical factor in water systems. Every water system contains entrapped air, which may reduce flow cross-section, increase energy costs during pipeline filling and pressurized operation, cause pressure surges, interfere with metering or even stop the flow altogether. In addition, there are cases where air cannot enter the network. This can cause vacuum conditions and may lead to pipes collapsing or other mechanical damage to system components.

Combination air valves are one of the solutions that can be used to effectively control air in water systems.


Combination air valve


Important Factors in Combination Air Valve Selection

Combination air valves are designed to ensure optimal efficiency during filling, draining, and pressurized operation of the system, as well as to protect pipes and system components from damage resulting from vacuum conditions and pressure surges.

Proper sizing and placement of valves is an important factor in water system design. As with all engineered products, both functionality and system integration must be considered. To ensure that the valve performs as expected, designers should select an air valve based on its airflow capacity rather than its inlet size.  Air valve airflow capacity can vary up to 500% between various models of combination air valves with identical inlet connection sizes.

As a general rule, higher air flow capacity valves result in more efficient, better-protected and efficient systems. Designers need to compare their air flow requirements with the manufacturer’s air flow performance charts to determine the highest capacity air valve available to them.  


BERMAD’s C70 Combination Air Valve: High Airflow Capacity in an Easy-to-Maintain Valve

Attempts to improve airflow rate in the past often resulted in large, big and heavy air valves. Much like old-fashioned car engines, these units, while delivering the intended capacity, also tended to be more costly and less efficient.

In designing the C70 combination air valve, BERMAD engineers specifically set out to create a valve that provides maximum airflow capacity yet is simple and reliable. The C70’s compact yet robust structure features fully corrosion-resistant parts for exceptional longevity. As this combination air valve video explains, it also has an optional Surge Protection (anti-slam) device providing additional protection for the valve. The C70 has the highest airflow of any compact-dimension combination air valve on the market.




How can BERMAD provide such exceptional airflow capacity in such a compact valve?

A valve’s airflow capacity is affected by factors including inlet connection size, orifice size, outlet type, and the internal design of the valve body chamber. BERMAD engineers used advanced engineering tools and modeling software to maximize the C70 valve’s airflow capacity. Its enlarged internal air passage and innovative non-ball float optimize airflow rates during pipeline filling and draining.

The C70 combination air valve is performance and specification tested and measured with BERMAD’s specialized air flow test bench, including vacuum pressure conditions. This ensures precise and accurate measurements for performance designers can count on. Water system planners and operators alike will especially appreciate the C70’s compact dimensions compared with other combination air valves, for optimization of project costs; as well as its exceptionally high airflow capacity, which enables higher than usual flow rates and fast, reliable performance for enhanced system efficiency.

The C70 valve is ideal for pumping stations and deep well pumps, pipelines, and water networks, to protect against air accumulation, vacuum formation, water hammer, and pressure surges. Click here to learn more about the BERMAD C70 combination air valve, or contact us here to locate a BERMAD representative in your region. 

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Eyal Geller

Written by Eyal Geller

BERMAD's Air Valves Product Manager, responsible for the product line's compliance with the needs and requirments of end users, operators and systems' designers, while sustaining competitive advantage and ensuring growth.

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