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BERMAD Sizing Hydraulic Control Valves 24.11.21

BERMAD Sizing Hydraulic Control Valves 24.11.21

Tal Levi
Tal Levi
01 Dec 2021
Last updated: 20 Jul 2022

Proper valve sizing is a vital factor in water system design. Accurate sizing is critical to achieving optimal efficiency, stable operation and system/valve longevity. That said, choosing the right valves can be a complex and time-consuming task as water system designers need to take multiple factors into account. In this webinar, we learned how to use BERMAD's Sizing software.

On the Agenda

  • Theory and formulas for performing sizing
  • Considerations when designing regulators, relief or on/off valves
  • Calculating cavitation intensity and the effect on the valve lifespan
  • Step by step guide to working with BERMAD's Sizing program

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Topics: Waterworks, Control valves

Tal Levi

Written by Tal Levi

Tal Levi has been a Waterworks Application Engineer at BERMAD, world leaders in water control solutions, for nearly eight years. Tal specializes in pressure surge and network hydraulics. He holds a Masters in Water Industry Engineering.

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