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Fire extinguishing systems in infrastructure buildings

Fire extinguishing systems in infrastructure buildings

Paul Goldsmith
Paul Goldsmith
24 Dec 2020
Last updated: 10 Mar 2022

In fire protection, every second is crucial, especially in high-risk infrastructure buildings, such as power plants. They need fire protection systems that are autonomous and not dependent on unreliable municipal water pumps or electricity supplies. Therefore many industrial buildings have their own water reservoirs with piping and pumps located a fair distance away from the area they are serving to protect.

For Israel Electric Corporation’s Hagit Site, BERMAD had to supply valves able to deliver water within a short amount of time without creating water hammer. To bring extinguishing water to the fire event as fast possible, you need large strong pumps that start very quickly and with full force to bring the system to full flow quickly. However, pushing tons of water as fast as possible over long distances often creates shock waves and water hammer throughout the piping system which can result in catastrophic damage and even cripple the whole fire protection system as the fire rages on.

That is why BERMAD’s design team developed a valve to arrest the violent shockwaves at pump start up and open at the fastest possible speed, without allowing pressure waves to enter and damage the system piping and devices.

This fire pump valve is located immediately downstream of the pump and uses a hydraulic control arrangement meeting NFPA-20 guidelines and carrying UL listing. The valve arrests the potential pressure wave, intelligently releasing the firewater into the system at the fastest and safest speed possible.

BERMAD’s high performance valve meets the challenge posed by pumping stations around the world, preventing water hammer during routine testing and guaranteeing quick reliable fire protection during emergency events.

See how BERMAD’s safe and reliable valve prevents water hammer and pressure surges.



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Paul Goldsmith

Written by Paul Goldsmith

Paul has worked at BERMAD since 1998 as a Test Engineer for Research and Development, Product Management and in Marketing. He holds a degree in Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering from the Ruppin Academic Center.

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