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Reducing Non-Revenue Water for Water Utilities

Tapping Into Efficiency: The Unseen Potential of Non-Revenue WaterIn the vast and intricate world of water utilities, a significant challenge persistently affects the efficiency and sustainability of water systems worldwide. This challenge is known as non-revenue water (NRW). 

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Roger Molist

Roger Molist
A water engineer specializing in pressure surge, Roger has been responsible for engineering and sales for the European market for the past six years.

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Air valves are commonly used in sewage and wastewater systems to increase the system's efficiency by evacuating large volumes of air during pipeline filling and releasing entrapped air and gas pockets during pressurized operation. Air valves provide protection from vacuum conditions by enabling large volume air intake; protecting pipelines during draining or bursts; and providing controlled air relief to reduce potential damage during water hammers or surge pressure.

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BERMAD developed a fully automatic pressure reducing system to deliver water supply 24/7 with high flow rates of 300-5,000 cubic meters to a Norwegian industrial plant. BERMAD's system ensures optimal water utilization and complete protection for the costly and sensitive systems in the plant.

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The Challenge

Yara International, a global company based in Norway, specializes in agricultural products and environmental protection agents. At Yara Norge AS in Glomfjord, Norway, the company needed a simple, fail-safe hydraulic solution for 24/7 water supply. With full redundancy, valves must be able to reduce pressure to required levels through two separate lines. This is true even in the case of a catastrophic failure.

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