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Air Control in Sewage & Wastewater — introducing the BERMAD C80

Air valves in sewage & wastewater systems are important for efficient operation as well as for protection from vacuum conditions and surge pressure. 

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Roger Molist

Roger Molist
A water engineer specializing in pressure surge, Roger has been responsible for engineering and sales for the European market for the past six years.

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BERMAD developed a fully automatic pressure reducing system to deliver water supply 24/7 with high flow rates of 300-5,000 cubic meters to a Norwegian industrial plant. BERMAD's system ensures optimal water utilization and complete protection for the costly and sensitive systems in the plant.

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The Challenge

Yara International, a global company based in Norway, specializes in agricultural products and environmental protection agents. At Yara Norge AS in Glomfjord, Norway, the company needed a simple, fail-safe hydraulic solution for 24/7 water supply. With full redundancy, valves must be able to reduce pressure to required levels through two separate lines. This is true even in the case of a catastrophic failure.

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