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Air Control in Sewage & Wastewater — introducing the BERMAD C80

Air valves in sewage & wastewater systems are important for efficient operation as well as for protection from vacuum conditions and surge pressure. 

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Air Control in Sewage & Wastewater — introducing the BERMAD C80

Dual Feed Pressure Management for Water Distribution Networks


BERMAD’s Composite Valve for Water Supply — Meet the New Valve in Town

Designing a pressure reducing station in water reticulation - Australia case study

Managing water supply in urban water networks through dynamic pressure reduction

Fully Automatic pressure-reducing system for a leading industrial plant

Designing & Implementing a Full Redundancy Pressure Reducing Station

Everything You Need to Know and More about Large Hydraulic Control Valves

Surge Analysis & Protection Methods

5 Reasons Why the Double-Chambered 700 SIGMA is the Best Valve for your Municipal Network

BERMAD Managing Water Security Events with Emergency Control Valves — Your Questions Answered

High pressure reduction system for water supply in the Dead Sea Region

BERMAD Air Valves Sizing and Positioning using BERMAD Air Software — Your Questions Answered

Air Control in Sewage and Wastewater Applications — Your Questions Answered

BERMAD How to Design & Implement a Pressure Reducing Station for Extreme Pressure Difference — Your Questions Answered

BERMAD Smart Metering with Electromagnetic Flow Meters — Your Questions Answered

BERMAD Optimal Air Valve Selection for Water Systems — Your Questions Answered

BERMAD 700 SIGMA Double-Chamber Control Valves offer Minimum Headloss with 3-Way Pilot Regulation, Smooth Non-Slam Closure and Pilot-less Proportional Pressure Reducing

BERMAD 700 SIGMA Series Control Valves – the Only Valves on the Market Designed for Easy Conversion from Single-Chamber to Double-Chamber

BERMAD Offers Comprehensive Solution for the Modernization and Automation of Water Supply in Karnataka, India

Sewage & Wastewater Combination Air Valves Reduce Maintenance Costs

Case Study: Implementing a New Pipeline System in one of the World’s Oldest Cities

Pressure Reducing Valves Control Leaching Rate at Chile Copper Mine

BERMAD’s 700 SIGMA Valve with Superior Cavitation Resistance Allows the Supply of Water in Extreme Working Conditions

Pressure Management Valves Reduce Leakage in Monterrey, Mexico

Pressure Reducing System Provides Fail-Safe Solution in Norway

Bermad’s Turnkey Water Supply Solution for the Lowest Place on Earth

Bermad Conference in Buenos Aires brings together South American Distributors

Optimizing desalinated water uses at Campo de Dalías in Almeria, Spain

BERMAD Helps Prevent Water Hammer at China’s Shuangqiao Reservoir

Low Pressure Air Valve Sealing for Reduced Leakage

Ensuring Smooth Operations at Berlin Brandenburg Airport in Case of Water Line Burst

Case Study: BERMAD Emergency Shut-Off Valves for the East La Mesa Reservoir, Manila – Philippines

Enhancing Air Control in Water Systems with a Combination Air Valve

Make Your Air Valve Selection Easier With BERMAD Air

Pressure Reducing Valves Cut Sofia, Bulgaria's Non-Revenue Water by 17%

Surge Protection Solutions for Water and Wastewater Systems

The Evolution of Water Metering - Impact on Water Use & Utility Revenue

Visit BERMAD at WEFTEC 2017 in Chicago - Featuring Magnetic Flow Meters

Announcing the New BERMAD Website and Waterworks Blog

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