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High pressure reduction system for water supply in the Dead Sea Region

High pressure reduction system for water supply in the Dead Sea Region

Tal Levi
Tal Levi
16 Jul 2020
Last updated: 25 Aug 2022

Designing a turnkey water supply solution on for Mekorot, Israel's national water company proved to be a major engineering challenge for BERMAD. The Tzafit project involved connecting the Dead Sea to the national desalination system through a 46 km pipeline, beginning at Tzafit pools (450 meters above sea level) and descending to the Dead Sea (380 meters below sea level). This creates extremely high pressure of 83 bar, which needs to be reduced to 5 bar, the standard pressure for domestic use.

Right from the design stage, our engineers had to think out of the box to supply a complete solution. After the lengthy and complex design process using 3D software, the construction phase project was carried out in just 17 days. BERMAD built an advanced pressure reduction facility which includes controllers, hydraulic and electric valves, water meters, strainers, and more. The five-branch pressure reduction system not only reduces water pressure over a wide range of flows, but also ensures a continuous water supply in the event of a problem in one of the pipes.


This unique pressure-reducing system completely changed the supply of water to the southern Dead Sea region. Watch the video.



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Tal Levi

Written by Tal Levi

Tal Levi has been a Waterworks Application Engineer at BERMAD, world leaders in water control solutions, for nearly eight years. Tal specializes in pressure surge and network hydraulics. He holds a Masters in Water Industry Engineering.

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